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CFB Power Plant Boiler
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CFB Power Plant Boiler

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Technical Data of CFB boiler

Technical Data of CFB Boiler


CFB boiler Features

CFB boiler of taishan group

CFB Boiler Diagram


1. Burning efficiency reaches 95%-99%, high burning rate, heat efficiency above 87%.

2. Energy-saving, high efficiency, high flexibility of fuel, which can satisfy the burning of many kinds of fuel.

3. Limestone can be added in bed material during burning process reacts with SO2 of flue formulates sulphate, desulphuration can satisfy environment protection.

4. Reasonable wind distribution and low temperature or furnace can control formulation of NOx and really reach environment protection.

5. Big adjusting range load can be adjusted to 30-110%.

6. High automatic control makes boilers running safely and economically in long term.

7. Adopt upper exhaust high temperature cyclone separated device, high collection of bed material.

8. High heat transfer efficiency, high ability of overload.

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