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DZL Boiler

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DZL coal fired steam boiler (single drum) is widely used to generate thermal energy by burning coal in the furnace. Coal can provide lower operating costs in comparison to other fossil fuels like oil or natural gas, it is one of the cleanest fossil fuels available today due to the state of the art computerized pulverized coal handling and combustion technology.
Taishan Brand coal fired steam boilers are specially designed and optimized for applications to produce high pressure steam in wide range of applications. Our main coal fired boiler products include DZL coal boiler, SZL coal fired steam boiler, DHL series coal boilers, SHL coal steam boiler and CFB boiler, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, integrated control, easy to install and safe operation.

Steam capacity
1-45 t/h
Steam pressure
7-16 Bar
Single drum
Grate type
chain grate or reciprocating grate
Control system
PLC control (automatic)
Specifications of DZL Coal Fired Steam Boiler
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