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Pulverized Coal boiler
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Pulverized Coal boiler

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Product Description

SZS series pulverized coal fired steam boiler system mainly includes pulverized coal storage subsystem, pulverized coal burner system, measurement and control subsystem, boiler subsystem, flue gas purification subsystem, thermal subsystem, fly ash recovery subsystem, compressed air station, inertia gas protection station and ignition oil station. The closed tanker from the pulverized coal processing plant injects pulverized coal into the pulverized coal tower. The coal powder in the tower enters the metering bin as needed and is sent to the pulverized coal burner by the feeder and the air powder mixing pipe. The operation of the boiler system is completed by the ignition program controller and the host computer monitoring system.


(1) The double-drum longitudinal D-shaped arrangement is adopted, and the furnace adopts a full-membrane wall structure.

(2) The furnace is arranged with a well-designed stable combustion chamber suitable for ignition and combustion of pulverized coal. It is made of high temperature resistant materials to ensure normal combustion and long service life.

(3) The combustion chamber is designed in the furnace to ensure the complete combustion of the coal powder.

(4) The boiler is compact in structure and delivered in the form of assembly, which greatly reduces the workload on the installation site.

(5) The convection heating surface is arranged with a soot blowing device, which can blow the ash without stopping the furnace.

(6) The boiler can be equipped with an automatic slag removal device.

(7) The boiler has various fire holes, inspection holes and explosion-proof doors to ensure convenient observation during operation, convenient maintenance and safe operation.

(8) The boiler is automatically operated, with pressure, temperature, water level control and interlock alarm to ensure reliable operation of the boiler.


SZS series pulverized coal fired steam boiler is widely used in chemical industry, paper making industry, textile industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, heating industry, construction industry.


Technical Data of SZS Pulverized Coal Fired Steam Boiler
 Model Rated Evaporation Capacity (t/h) Rated Steam Pressure (MPa) Rated Steam Temperature (°C) Feed Water Temperature (°C) Flue Gas Temperature (°C) Fuel Consumption (kg/h) Overall Dimension (mm)
SZS6-1.25-AIII 6 1.25 193 105 137 537 10900×2900×3600
SZS6-1.6-AIII 6 1.6 204 105 140 540 10900×2900×3600
SZS8-1.25-AIII 8 1.25 193 105 137 716 11800x3200x3700
SZS8-1.6-AIII 8 1.6 204 105 140 720 11800x3200x3700
SZS10-1.25-AIII 10 1.25 193 105 134 933 13200x4100x4900
SZS10-1.6-AIII 10 1.6 204 105 140 900 12600x3400x3800
SZS15-1.25-AIII 15 1.25 193 105 137 1342 13600x3700x3800
SZS15-1.6-AIII 15 1.6 204 105 140 1350 13600x3700x3800
SZS20-1.25-AIII 20 1.25 193 105 137 1789 14700x4100x3900
SZS20-1.6-AIII 20 1.6 204 105 158 1895 13200x5400x4800
Remark 1. Design efficiency is 90~92%.  2. LHV is based on 26750KJ/Kg.
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