Company Profile

Mount Taishan Group is a national high-tech enterprise that develops and manufactures industrial boilers, power station boilers, pressure vessels, transformers, high-voltage switches and other products. Its products cover combustion and control, power transmission and transformation, nuclear power supporting, chemical and new energy equipment and other fields, basically covering the industrial chain related to boiler power generation, transformation, transmission and distribution.

Mount Taishan Group covers an area of more than 1500 mu, employs 5000 people, and has a main business income of 6 billion yuan. It has more than 10 subsidiaries, including Mount Taishan Boiler Company, Shandong Luneng Mount Taishan Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Weihai Shidao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Mount Taishan Group has 1 national enterprise technology center, 1 academician workstation, 5 national high-tech enterprises, 3 single top manufacturing demonstration enterprises, 2 gazelle enterprises, 3 provincial enterprise technology centers, 2 engineering technology research centers (1 provincial and 1 municipal), 3 municipal engineering laboratories, and 2 municipal industrial technology research institutes. It has nearly 200 patents, including more than 20 invention patents. Having A-level boiler manufacturing qualifications, A1, A2, A3 level pressure vessel design and manufacturing qualifications, I-level boiler and various pressure pipeline installation qualifications, etc., the industry has taken the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, American ASME system certification, etc.

In recent years, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has been continuously enhanced, and it has been rated as a national level single champion demonstration enterprise in the manufacturing industry, China's 500 largest mechanical industry enterprises, China's 500 best economic efficiency industrial enterprises, China's 500 contract abiding and trustworthy enterprises, China's top 500 comprehensive competitiveness enterprises of large enterprise groups, China's top 10 independent innovation ability industry enterprises of large enterprise groups, and China's 100 recognition enterprises of industrial enterprise brand competitiveness The "Mount Taishan" brand is a well-known trademark in China and the most influential brand in China's industrial boiler industry.

For many years, Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection products, and the products have been selling well. The main products are: boilers, pressure vessels, automatic electrical equipment, heat exchange units, transformers, high-voltage switches, fishing boat exhaust refrigeration equipment, etc. The company has a variety of products to fill the domestic gap and has been awarded honorary titles such as "China Famous Trademark", "National New Product", "Top Ten Bestselling Famous Boilers in China", "National Consumer Trusted Product", "National Excellent Energy Saving Product", "Famous Trademark of Shandong Province", "Shandong Famous Brand", etc. Among them, boiler and pressure vessel products mainly include:

1. The SZS series fully automatic steel oil and gas steam boilers have a capacity of 4t/h to 75t/h, and hot water boilers have a capacity of 4.2MW to 70MW;

2. The WNS series fully automatic steel oil and gas steam boilers have a capacity of 1t/h to 20t/h, and hot water boilers have a capacity of 0.7MW to 14MW;

3. The DHS (TG) series of various capacity oil and gas steam boilers produced by MW company (formerly Novit, Finland) have capacities ranging from 1.5t/h to 200t/h, and hot water boilers have capacities ranging from 1MW to 168MW; Pressure 3.82MPa-13.7Mpa.

4. The capacity of circulating fluidized bed steam boilers ranges from 35t/h to 670t/h, and the capacity of hot water boilers ranges from 29MW to 168MW;

5. The DZL series new type of water and fire tube shell steam boiler has a capacity of 1t/h to 65t/h, and the hot water boiler has a capacity of 0.7MW to 46MW;

6. The SZL series water tube steam boiler has a capacity of 6t/h to 35t/h, and the hot water boiler has a capacity of 4.2MW to 17.5MW;

7. SHL series water tube bulk steam boilers have a capacity of 6t/h to 75t/h, and hot water boilers have a capacity of 4.2MW to 29MW;

8. The QXL series coal-fired hot water boilers have a capacity of 29MW to 116MW;

9. Efficient industrial coal-fired boilers: Steam boilers have a capacity of 1t/h to 75t/h, and hot water boilers have a capacity of 0.7MW to 116MW;

10. The capacity of coal-fired organic heat carrier boilers is 0.35MW to 24MW; The capacity of the oil (gas) organic heat carrier furnace is 0.18MW to 14MW;

11. Garbage incinerators and various waste heat boilers;

12. Biomass industrial boilers and power plant boilers;

13. CB technology electrode boilers in the United States: steam boilers have a capacity of 1.5t/h to 85t/h, and hot water boilers have a capacity of 1MW to 56MW;

14. A1 level high-pressure vessel; A2 Class III low and medium pressure vessels; A3 level spherical storage tank container.

In recent years, Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd., through vigorously implementing the enterprise innovation strategy of "technological innovation, market innovation, management innovation, and cultural innovation", has always adhered to the brand concept of "reputation is more important than Taishan, and integrity builds the brand" and the market concept of "adults reach their own goals, and win-win cooperation and competition", and has promoted the company's comprehensive strength to continue to increase, and has gradually developed into a diversified investment, business grouping Large enterprise groups with refined management.

Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has more than 1100 professional technicians, accounting for 27% of the total number of employees, including more than 300 technicians with medium and senior titles, and more than 100 professionals engaged in boiler design and research and development; The technology development center is equipped with advanced and comprehensive computer-aided design systems, EDMS document management systems, CAPP and BOM systems, and other information technology software; The company's technology development center was recognized as a "provincial-level enterprise technology development center" by the Shandong Provincial Leading Group for Enterprise Science and Technology Progress in 1995. In 2001, the company's technology development center was awarded the title of "National CAD Application Engineering Demonstration Enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2010, it was recognized as a key technology center in Shandong Province.

High quality products stem from a high-quality manufacturing team, excellent production conditions, advanced testing methods, and a comprehensive quality management system. Over the years, Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has adhered to the quality philosophy of high standards, zero defects and excellence, and is committed to providing zero defect products as the ultimate goal. At present, the company has 56000 square meters of boiler production workshop and excellent production and testing equipment, has established and improved a strict quality management and control system, and has ensured the stability and reliability of product manufacturing quality. "Mount Taishan" brand boiler was awarded the honorary title of "Mayor Quality Award of Tai'an City" in 2012.

Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd. has always followed the service concept of "moving users with sincerity and creating value through service", and taken "satisfying customers" as the service purpose. It has established and improved sales and service outlets throughout the country to provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales technical consultation, sales technical guidance and after-sales tracking services.

In the future, Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd. will continue to position its development philosophy on "surpassing the present and leading the future". For this reason, she will continue to innovate, develop and never be satisfied.

Mount Taishan Group Tai'an Boao International Trade Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mount Taishan Group Co., Ltd., has comprehensive import and export rights and is responsible for the international business of Mount Taishan Group. Its main functions include import and export business, overseas sales, installation and after-sales service of Mount Taishan Group products, overseas technical cooperation and exchange, overseas investment and joint venture business. At present, our exported products are sold to countries and regions such as the United States, South Korea, France, New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Qatar, Sudan, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc. The company has also carried out export agency, inspection agency, and booking business for domestic customers.

Mount Taishan Group Tai'an Boao International Trade Co., Ltd. welcomes customers at home and abroad to negotiate and jointly develop the international market.