corporate culture

◈ Development philosophy:Scientific development, safety production surpasses the present and leads the future

◈ Market concept:Adapt to market development, create a market, lead the market

◈ Brand concept:Reputation is more important than Taishan. Integrity builds the brand

◈ Quality philosophy:Quality is the high-quality, zero defect, and continuous improvement produced by manufacturing

◈ Service philosophy:Touching users with sincerity and creating value through service to provide one-stop services

◈ Competition concept:survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, and achieving win-win cooperation for adults

◈ Talent concept:Talents are the most precious wealth of enterprises. Talents are the first capital for enterprise development

Management philosophyScientific management is people-oriented, rewards and punishments are strict, harmonious, and efficient

◈ Work style:Honest, trustworthy, pragmatic, simple, effective, and resolute in action

◈ Corporate spirit:unity, practicality, self pressure, innovation, and pursuit of excellence

◈ Corporate image:Excellent employee image, high-quality product image, excellent advertising image, beautiful environmental image

◈ Corporate mission:to build a stage for employees and create wealth for society

◈ Enterprise goal:to be the most competitive enterprise with Mount Taishan as famous as Mount Taishan, to build a century old brand