Mount Taishan Group successfully signed an order for 33 boilers in Mongolia with a contract value of

2022-07-30 11:34

In June, Boao International Trading Company successfully signed a contract with South Korea's Byucksan Engineering Company (hereinafter referred to as "BS Company") to undertake the design and equipment supply of boiler room systems in 9 provincial capital cities of Mongolia, including 24 circulating fluidized bed hot water boilers and 9 horizontal reciprocating grate hot water boilers, with a total contract amount of 200 million RMB.

Since the establishment of this project in 2019, Boao Company has actively contacted and cooperated with BS Company in South Korea, and conducted a large amount of technical exchange work. Due to the pandemic, the project was temporarily suspended. After the project was restarted in early 2022, the company continued to cooperate with customers in various technical communication work. After multiple rounds of comparison, the company successfully gained the trust of customers and signed a contract with advanced technological advantages and rich experience in overseas general contracting projects. The successful cooperation of this project has further enriched the variety of exported products of the company, which is bound to further expand the group's influence in the field of boiler foreign trade and effectively promote the export of the company's products. At the same time, the successful cooperation with Korean engineering companies has also provided more convenient conditions and broader development prospects for the company's exports.

According to the agreement and customer requirements, the circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler in this project is a small capacity circulating fluidized bed boiler, which is another newly designed boiler model after three small capacity circulating fluidized bed steam boilers exported by Boao Company to Vietnam. This kind of design is a real small tonnage, small capacity circulating fluidized bed boiler, which is different from some other designs in the market and is a unique product of Mount Taishan Group.

It is understood that BS Company in South Korea is a professional engineering company with many achievements related to boilers globally, especially in Asia, and has very strict technical requirements for partners. The successful cooperation with BS Company demonstrates that the company's technical level has been recognized by the South Korean side. Next, the company will continue to increase its market development efforts, further enhance its visibility and reputation in the international market, and strive for better business performance.