Türkiye SHS25t residual oil boiler proper delivered successfully

2022-06-19 11:34

In May, Bo'ao exported SHS25-1.6/400 residue fired boiler body to Türkiye and delivered it successfully, which effectively guaranteed the speed of the project.

Before the product is shipped, the sales company has organized multiple production coordination meetings to understand the actual production progress, arrange product packaging, and coordinate the shipping plan. The oil packaging workshop responsible for shipping has counted all the goods and determined the storage location of the goods. On the day of shipment, the person in charge of the shipment and the loading and unloading team cooperated closely and completed the entire morning's loading work in less than two hours. Finally, with the efforts and cooperation of various departments, the boiler body began to be shipped one after another.

This product shipment includes a detailed packing list, accurate packaging dimensions, packaging methods that are easy to sea and suitable for multiple handling, and eye-catching and compliant shipping marks that meet customer requirements. All of these tasks ensure the smooth completion of this factory shipment and provide great convenience for product packaging at the port. At present, the products have been shipped from Rizhao Port and are expected to arrive at the destination port in Türkiye in August.