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SZS fully automatic gas boiler


SZS series gas boilers:

Adopting a D-type layout, natural circulation, dual drum water tube boiler, with a longitudinal layout of the drum, a full membrane water-cooled wall structure, and micro positive pressure combustion.

The furnace is covered by a membrane wall, and the flue gas enters the convection tube bundle connected between the upper and lower drums from the furnace outlet. After passing through the convection tube bundle, the flue gas enters the rear heating surface - the steel spiral fin economizer and condenser.

This series of boilers has the following characteristics:

1. Full membrane wall structure, no air leakage in the body, low smoke exhaust loss, and high thermal efficiency.

2. Compact structure, small installation volume, and investment saving.

3. The steam boiler adopts natural circulation and a larger cross-sectional ratio, while the hot water boiler adopts induced circulation, ensuring safe and reliable water circulation.

4. Equipped with well-known and efficient brand burners, auxiliary equipment, and accessories, achieving fully automatic operation.

5. Complete control to ensure safe operation of the boiler.