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Circulating fluidized bed biomass boiler


Overview of biomass boilers:

With the worsening global energy shortage, renewable energy has attracted the attention of many countries.

As one of the earliest professional manufacturers involved in the biomass boiler industry, Mount Taishan Group has made gratifying achievements in the research, development, design, manufacturing, operation and other aspects of biomass boilers through its development in recent years.

The circulating fluidized bed straw furnace jointly developed by the company and Southeast University has been successfully put into operation at Shandong Wudi Jingneng Biomass Power Plant, and all technical indicators have reached the advanced level in China.

Technical features:

1. Adopting a high-temperature cyclone separation circulating fluidized bed combustion form, it is cleaner and more efficient.

2. It can burn both straw and coal, making it more economical and flexible.

3. Adopting a unique arrangement of heating surfaces, the boiler's corrosion resistance is enhanced, making it safer and more reliable.

4. The straw crushing and conveying system in front of the furnace has undergone on-site debugging and rectification, resulting in more stable and smooth operation.

5. Due to the use of a circulating fluidized bed, the phenomenon of ash accumulation is greatly reduced.

6. Wide applicability of fuel, combustible cotton stalks, corn stalks, branches, broken wood chips, xylose residue, rice husks, and household waste