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DHS fully automatic coal-fired powder steam boiler


Technical features:

1. High thermal efficiency

The combustion efficiency is greater than 98%, reducing the heat loss of mechanical incomplete combustion, and the boiler thermal efficiency can reach over 90%.

2. Obvious environmental protection effect

① Adopting a graded air supply swirl low ammonia burner, reasonably controlling combustion temperature and oxygen content, effectively reducing NOx emissions.

② Adopting advanced flue gas desulfurization methods, the SO2 emission concentration is low.

③ The tail adopts advanced bag dust collector, with low smoke (powder) dust emission concentration.

④ Adopting a closed feeding system and dust removal and cleaning system to reduce dust pollution.

3. High safety

The guarantee conditions for the efficient coal powder boiler system to avoid safety hazards are a scientifically sound technical system and advanced prevention measures: the use of highly reliable program ignition controllers to prevent ignition and deflagration in the furnace and complete flameout interlocking protection; Adopt electrostatic grounding and CO2 protection measures to prevent spontaneous combustion and explosion of coal powder in the coal powder tower.

4. Simple operation

The boiler system has a high degree of integration. And equipped with a fully automatic intelligent monitoring system, the boiler operation achieves automatic control and adjustment, continuous automatic parameter collection, fault alarm, and safety interlock protection.

5. The boiler structure is compact, reducing the height of the boiler room. There is no need for a coal yard or ash yard, with a small footprint.

Compared to traditional coal-fired boilers, coal-fired industrial boilers have the following advantages

① Concentrated supply of coal powder: Coal powder is centrally milled and supplied by the pulverizing plant, ensuring stable quality of coal powder;

② Friendly working environment: the entire system operates in a closed manner, with automatic pneumatic conveying for coal supply and centralized ash discharge, without dust escape;

③ Significant energy-saving: sufficient coal powder combustion, high combustion efficiency, and high boiler thermal efficiency:

④ Clean emissions: Low temperature combustion environment can achieve desulfurization in the furnace: The burner adopts a low nitrogen burner, with a uniform temperature field and low NOx content generated during the combustion process; The tail adopts a cloth bag dust collector, with low smoke (powder) dust emission concentration. Fly ash is discharged through a closed system without secondary pollution;

⑤ The boiler operation is simple: the system can achieve instant start and stop, cut off the ignition source and enter normal operation; cut off the coal powder supply to achieve boiler shutdown; the system automatically monitors and adjusts operating parameters to ensure that the system is in the optimal operating state;

⑥ High cost-effectiveness: low operating costs, able to recover equipment investment in a short period of time;

⑦ Land conservation: The boiler room has eliminated traditional coal and slag yards, resulting in a small footprint. Mount Taishan Group Tai'an Boao International Trade Co., Ltd泰山集团泰安博奥国际贸易有限公司