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Features of DZL series boiler products:

1. Adopting an efficient heat transfer element - a threaded smoke pipe, coupled with a reasonable flue gas flow rate, the boiler's thermal efficiency is 6-8 percentage points higher than the national professional standards.

2. The arched tube plate and threaded smoke pipe transform the boiler shell from a quasi rigid body to a quasi elastic body, combined with the wing shaped flue, completely avoiding the problem of high-temperature tube plate cracking in traditional smoke and fire pipe boilers.

3. A reasonable water circulation circuit and unique return water injection device (hot water boiler) have increased the water velocity of the rising pipe and prevented the water wall from exploding.

4. Inertia separation of smoke and dust in the furnace is adopted. Assisted by efficient multi tube dust collectors, the boiler dust concentration meets the requirements of Class I regions.

5. A reasonable boiler structure does not require a steel frame to support its own weight.

6. Adopting energy-saving and strong radiation furnace arches can ensure stable combustion of fuel.

7. Adopting high standard and high-quality auxiliary equipment, accessories, and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler, while reducing the labor intensity of the boiler operator.

8. Compact structure. 1-20t/h (0.7-14MW) boilers can be arranged in a single layer.